Simon Raya: North Bay Commercial Real Estate Expert and Property Developer

With a strong background in economics and years of hands-on experience in the commercial real estate industry, Simon Raya has built a reputation as a trusted advisor, broker, and property developer in the North Bay area. A native of the picturesque town of Sebastopol, California, Simon's passion for real estate began in 2008 when he started working under the mentorship of a renowned commercial broker in the East Bay region.

After obtaining his real estate license in 2013 and learning the intricacies of the business in the East Bay, Simon returned to his roots in the North Bay to apply his expertise and help clients navigate the complexities of the commercial property market. In addition to brokerage services, Simon has expanded his professional portfolio to include property development and management, ensuring his clients receive comprehensive real estate solutions tailored to their unique needs.

Simon holds a degree in economics, which has served as a strong foundation for his success in the real estate industry. Combining this knowledge with his extensive experience, Simon has a unique ability to analyze market dynamics, identify valuable investment opportunities, and negotiate favorable deals for his clients.

Outside of his professional life, Simon enjoys spending quality time with his wife, Rachael, and their baby son, Joe, in their beautiful hometown of Sebastopol. Simon and his family also share a love for traveling and exploring new destinations together. As a local, Simon not only has a deep understanding of the North Bay's real estate market but also a genuine love for the community, which drives him to continuously strive for excellence in his work.

When working with Simon Raya, clients can expect unparalleled dedication, sharp negotiation skills, and a commitment to finding the perfect commercial property solution that meets their needs. Simon's wealth of experience and expertise in the North Bay's commercial real estate market, combined with his property development and management skills, make him the go-to choice for any property transaction.